I’ve Been Neglecting You Guys

It only just occured to me I don’t write many posts any more, in fact I had to check, my last post that actually came from me was September… last year. Yikes.

Well recently I have been trying to force myself to write more and even publish some things, whether it’s anything really. I have always wanted to write reviews and opinion pieces but the motivation has been lacking, I still write stories and film treatments too but none have yet to see the light of day, for similar reasons. This has to change.

I moved to London around this time last year and in some ways a lot has happened but very little has changed. I’m jobless, the only ones I seem to get are temp jobs, professional ambitions are still there but I’m no better off as I was 12 months, I just got rejected for a ‘normal’ job earlier today (which I felt I was pretty suitable for) and it almost left me at rock bottom. I have picked myself up and reevaluated what needs to be done in my life, I need to stop and dreaming and just do what I want to do.

I love writing but people need to see it, it doesn’t really work if I keep it all to myself. From now on I am going to attempt regular updates, whatever the content may be. I just finished playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor on PS4 and I feel I have quite a bit to say about it. Expect a post.